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Gemininini me

This is NOT for entertainment purposes! If you fail to respect and adhere to the various defined constructs it will result in impotence and/or a lifetime of ineffective masturbation.

Aries 03/21 – 04/20 If you want to cum, stay away from Aries. They love to start playing, but don’t like to finish things. Giant teases, the lot of them! But if you plan to practice with a new flogger or whip, definitely find the courageous Aries. They are not afraid of you.

Taurus 04/21 – 05/21 One word: Bribery. The Taurus will do anything to get physical pleasure or beautiful things. Lots of touching is like water to them. Wave something pretty in front of them and you can get them to do anything. All hard limits go out the window.

Gemini 05/22 – 06/21 Mentally stimulated. These funny intellects get as turned on by a whip as they do by a Rubik’s Cube. Hand them an IQ test and they are wet and ready to go. Be prepared to provide a detailed explanation of every implement in the dungeon. Gags should be kept handy because they will question everything.

Cancer 06/22 – 07/22 Want a 1950s household? Find a Cancer. They also do well in poly settings. They are nurturing, protective and love communal activities. Yes, they are great in an orgy. Just don’t mess with their ‘family’ whatever that entails because they will rip you a new one!

Leo 07/23 – 08/21 Bossy, bossy, bossy. They are creative and ambitious which translates into them wanting to reach the big “O” in new and exciting ways. If your are looking to explore the new and different, the Leo will lead the way. Don’t expect a Leo to stay silent if something isn’t working. It is not uncommon to hear: “To the right. Harder. Softer. Up a little.”

Virgo 08/22 – 09/23 Great slave material. Virgo’s love to serve and help others. If you want your sock drawer organized a particular way, a Virgo will get it done. Also works well for oral sex. Once they know you, they will anticipate your needs.

Libra 09/24 – 10/23 A Libra will not leave you hanging. Very focused on others and working toward harmony. If you are building your poly house, you want a Libra in the mix. Everything has to be fair so don’t think you can shower a Libra with orgasm after orgasm and they will be okay. Libra’s need to reciprocate.

Scorpio 10/24 – 11/21 Stalkers. Once they set their sights on something, they are not easily deterred. Even better for them if you are ‘unavailable.’ Competition revs them up. Scorpio’s are not meek either. They are very passionate and need to have goals. Try to make everything a challenge for them: “Take more, hold position longer, denial of orgasm.” They live for the challenge.

Sagittarius 11/22 – 12/22 Another type that needs to be gagged. Sagittarius like to wax philosophic even as you are beating their ass. They will be pondering the “Why” of the situation while you fuck their ass. Fair warning, you’d better have a reason for what you are doing or the Sagittarius will be bored and distracted.

Capricorn 12/23 – 01/20 Need a condom? Capricorns are responsible and prepared. Never had an orgasm? Never squirted? A Capricorn will not give up until the job is done. So, best thing to do with a Capricorn is tell them you’ve never had one and then hold off as long as possible.

Aquarius 01/21 – 02/19 Orgy specialists. They love to try to make your kinky world a better place. True visionaries that would orchestrate the most sensual experience possible. No one will leave an Aquarius unsatisfied. They’ll take care of anyone who feels neglected.

Pisces 02/20 – 03/20 If you are in a scene with a newbie, add a Pisces to the mix. They like to help others, keep them calm. Their whispers in the ear of a scared newbie are irreplaceable. A Pisces will be happy at your feet, sucking your cock. They are very selfless. But don’t expect reality from them. They live in a world of dreams. Make for a great fantasy life!

Remember, this is all real and completely accurate. Ignore at your own peril.