Small steps



Learning to live fearlessly!

Often I catch my curious passionate nature rules me. I find trouble effortlessly and I thrive in chaos. Recently I have made tremendous strides in the realization of my dreams. Finding them coming true (wait …what…already???) yes its been two years since Ive realized what I wanted to be when I grow up. Finally having time, taking time and educating myself on what needs to be done and actually going thru those steps, with positive results leave me breathless and excited and scared and filled with the wonder of all of it. To infinity and beyond indeed…San Francisco here I come!!!



People fascinate me, their journeys and interests and lives… From passing by the water cooler to climbing up on stage, I find I have meaningful conversations in the strangest places. We are not alone, however can someone feel so lonely when they are alone or worse still when they are not alone? Just reach out your hand and your heart will follow. Connect. Plug in. Turn it on. Move. You will find others that move you in this process of becoming. Am I writing to others or affirming something I know? I don’t really care its my blog get your own!