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Well, it would be nice anyway…especially if they’re the sadist to my masochist.  Fortunately I’ve chosen to be my own Dominant and have learned to push and direct myself.  For those that feel otherwise, here you are!

12 Reasons I need to have a Dominant in my life:

A good friend asked me why I am so drawn to this world today. Her question made me really think about it. Here are the ones that stood out most to me.

1.) I need the structure and rules in order to feel fulfilled
2.) I need to have someone to care for and be valuable to
3.) I crave the intensity of D/s interactions
4.) The feeling of ownership makes me feel safe and free
5.) Having someone in my life who is willing to push my boundaries has made me a better person
6.) I need someone who craves me and wants me just as much as I do them and I have not found that in the vanilla world
7.) I need to be held accountable for my actions in a way that only a D/s relationship can provide
8.) I love having a person who will take me down dark paths of desire
9.) I have desires that require absolute trust in order to be fulfilled
10.) I crave that moment when I can finally let go and fully submit and my mind finally quiets
11.) Sometimes I just need the feelings of hands on my throat or buried in my hair and the whisper of “You are Mine” in my ear
12.) Pain is an incredible turn on and I have yet to meet a vanilla who understands why I want it.


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