How I exasperate

irritate intensely; infuriate.
“this futile process exasperates prison officials”
synonyms: infuriate, incense, anger, annoy, irritate, madden, enrage, antagonize, provoke, irk, vex, get on someone’s nerves, ruffle someone’s feathers, rub the wrong way.

I am busy active and I get excited. Let’s face it I’m far from the average housewife, I have a life partner and a Master and I’m not married.  Sometimes, odd things happen to me, even at gas stations.  Examples; Church loads of people trying to convert me, my ending up in a parade route in the middle of a run, dogs chasing me while walking, hiking or bike riding, car issues, especially tires.  I meet loads of people accidentally this way.  Even to the grocery store people I meet along the way give me their business card or coupons to their new restaurant opening or invite me to yet another church. I can bring order to chaos yet….be chaos.

Life with me is never dull…..and fortunately KK has learned to just smile it off (it’s part of my character) only if he’s stressed….it can backfire and he may explode. So I try really really hard to be normal. It’s not going very well….so I try to be quiet at least.

One of the things I’d realized I was missing in my life upon divorcing was laughter.

I really grew up in a home filled with it. My late brother was a riot and artistically naturally talented. My mother laughed off so much! My kiddo makes me howl and I realized how much like my side of the family she is!!!

So I do try to remember to laugh at home now that I’m back here. Sometimes, days go by without it as we go about our daily regimes. Something so easy should not be so difficult to find ….one would think.

KK is far more analytical than I am and I tend to send him from zero stress to the moon with it.  I suppose it’s about finding balance and walking away before something or someone explodes.  As for the Master he just feels I’m possibly one of the more unpredictable people he’s ever come across.  That about sums me up.  I go with it…fortunately others do too. 

So to cope I focus on what makes me laugh, even when there’s a dry spell So to speak. Who knows I may even laugh in an hour. Something to look forward to….(there’s always something to look forward to).