Tied up Tid-bits

So I’ve been doing a bit of homework, really since July, 2014.  I’ve made it my personal mission to overcome sub drop and I’ve found that increasing my physical fitness level, dramatically, that I’m able to athletically endure and manage to skip this annoying part of having submitted entirely! (basically by amping up my physical fitness level and changing my eating habits to a natural raw food lifestyle, increasing protein and nutritional supplementation this was, indeed possible!)**By dramatically, I mean I’m now spending a lot of time running, doing yoga, taking dance classes in addition to strength training an hour at the gym.  Which has lead to a new and exciting passionate career path for me!

I found the drop, for me, is just NOT me.  I don’t like it at all, even if I’m “down in it” so to speak, for a few days.  I’ve come very far from overcoming tremendous odds, life hurdles and depression that I don’t wish to revisit much of that in any way.  I was quite scared I’d stay there, you see.  I mean, I had no idea how long it would go on as such things go and for me I was lucky it was only two long…long (fucking long) days.  For some it’s an entire week!  (I’d never make it) SO! If I can help anything I can help myself, so I did.

The sub drop aspect of submitting and playing hard annoyed me so very much this past May, that I actually considered the fact that I may not even wish to further explore being an s~type.  As a Domme long ago, I did indeed, find it was draining on me.  So much so I took a 2-3 year break from the lifestyle to revamp and explore entirely as a sub.   I’m such a better person as a submissive.

Anyway, what do I do when I’m annoyed?  I delve in and attack.  With gusto and enthusiasm.  I learn all I can about my problem.  Then I make small adjustments every day to get to where I need to be in dealing with it.  In this process I manage to overshoot my problem entirely and end up far past my goal and/or issue in the first place.  No idea if this is common but this is something that seems to be how I just do stuff.

SO!  Here I am in November, 2014 continuing my education and ever building my foundation in delving into the fantastic world of kinbaku and submission and release!  In rope (and more kinky fuckery to infinity and beyond).

I was gifted a book by my fella, KK at Kanso and True Blue’s rope intensive workshop They were selling some wonderful accoutrements in regards to their passion in teaching and ever learning of rope.  “The little guide to getting tied up.”  Here is the link and I highly recommend it!

So here is an excerpt I found to be most useful in hanging out for far longer in a rope suspension.  I don’t wish for my rope top to go through all this “fancy tying” trouble, after all.  I want to experience everything for as l o n g as I possibly can, so that we can play smarter and harder and far longer in a great deal of ways! (Naturally this permeates into other areas of BDSM that I love exploring as well as a submissive/slave).

ENJOY!  Happy learning and growing from bottom to top or top to bottom!!!!


Kinbaku suspension cherry POPPED!


Rope intensive weekend, at the local dungeon with my rigger, Knot Knormal. An incredible class taught by Kanso and Blue.  Let’s face it without pain I could not possibly be interested in rope!  I’m excited about this foundation I’ve experienced, something to always build onto and the exploration to come!  Not bad for a rope phobic…6 months ago I would not be able to have done this without hyperventilating (or hitting subspace within 15 minutes).  Let’s hear it for facing our fears!

Thrust into the world of podcasts, words vs. music

Music soothes the soul. For many, words tend to be far more important. I believe I prefer music!!!

I decided instead of listening to “classic rock” or “top 40” whilst processing rope for knotknormal.com, I thought I’d try to learn a little something extra.  If anything, osmosis may even play a key role.

I think I seriously had information overload yesterday learning about the La Brea tar pits in Los Angeles (which I’d visited already) and why Venice is so wet, listened to two world history podcasts (which covered history of Greece and Rome) and two podcasts on learning new words in the english language, nearly made my head implode. Damn it all made me antsy, so I stayed away from much technology stuff yesterday.

I’ve gotten into debates about the importance of music vs. words but for the most part I find the point is moot.  It varies, you see, depending on the individual.  I find it could even have something to do with left brain vs. right brain dominant use.  Regardless, if people can not hear or speak, the impact of both words and music is the good stuff.  To each their own and as long as something gives you comfort in this vast incredibly difficult, yet beautiful world then more power to you!  If you’re learning in the process then it’s a bonus!