Droppin’ my (Holy Fuck ,I’m teaching BDSM solo) like it’s hot!

So I am not your average 40 something Mom of a teenager. I tried that once, and it was the most boring years of my life.  White picket fence and everything!  Rather than go into “it’s all about me-listen to me, me, me!” mode (and I’m actually one of those people that doesn’t like discussing myself) I’m just going to write about the direction I’ve fallen into now.  (Which, really, feels as if it’s a natural progression).  So yes, this blog is about the odd uncanny directions and such about my life, or life in general and the universe I inhabit.  We really are all connected.  I am humbled about the “me” mumbo jumbo, let’s expand the topic.  So what am I really writing for…. personal connectivity?  relativity?  Is this normal or insanity? Purposes and mostly to just get stuff out of my head and if others have a laugh or may feel inspired by whatever I fling onto this site, I’m all the more thrilled for it.  Sharing is caring after all.

I’m kind of… very much involved in BDSM.  (still and 20 some years later!!)  I’m happy to point folks in directions, corrupt vanillas and inspire new kinks, if not offer up safe and mostly sane advise.  I regularly teach with my partner, and Dominant (Knot Knormal) at sex toy shops, Dungeon workshops and more regularly, at our rope group meet up monthly.  Then there’s the sexercise classes I’ve been teaching, I’m a certified yoga instructor.   I teach Yoga and Pilates regularly, between two large cities.  Aside from that I’m ever a student, myself of BDSM (and yoga and life).  There’s always stuff to know.  In going back to BDSM there’s dynamics and protocols and challenging viewpoints or fetishes to explore, old guard or new guard; not to mention getting safe and proper information out there for folks to play safely.  I’m a proponent of safety, especially in this lifestyle.  People fascinate me and that just adds more fuel to this fire of mine.  SO!  I’m to teach to a vanilla crowd this Friday!  Come to the dark side….we have better sex!  I mean, cookies!

[BDSM for Beginners

Friday, July 10, 2015 – 7 pm
Imagine living your whole life never being adventurous enough to discover your favorite food! Many couples find their sex lives getting repetitive and stale without exploration. In this class we’ll explore a little bit of BDSM for those who are inexperienced or curious about it.

In addition to enhancing sexual and erotic collaboration, Dominance and submission (D&s) can play another very important role in our lives. In the “real world” beyond fetish, we encounter ourselves in D&s-like situations every day. BDSM scenarios are one of the few opportunities we have in life to explore, on our own terms.

Join us for “BDSM for Beginners” with the fiery sub Scarlett, who started out as a Domme 20 years ago in the lifestyle! Learn how it works in a safe environment, discover what you like, and learn to alter or halt the situation if you choose. We can even do some onsite role-playing with those who volunteer! Come buy a blindfold to experience a little extra sensation from Scarlett during class.]

NOW….would you take this class?  I would take this class.  The thing is I have to teach it and I really don’t want to overwhelm people with the mundane or USUAL methods of attending a class, because your ass could get numb from sitting too long.  Therefore, I’m creating a few diversions.  You have to connect to people after all most folks won’t reach out to you (I was one of those quiet students that did NOT look at the teacher when called upon to answer a question….unless I was right of course however I was often the one daydreaming).   Some teachers won’t really actually engage you.  I’m not one of those teachers… I will engage.  You will like engaging.  You will want more engagement.  (I only know this because I know how I DO NOT wish to teach).  Additionally I wish to succeed in my task.  So…I put tremendous pressure upon myself to deliver.  Even if it’s just making a recipe for the first time. (We love type A personalities).

So…my thoughts, in closing for today, are for possibilites.  Let’s raise our tea cups to Possibility!  I like the ring to the word and the hiss of the “s”.  This…is the good stuff.