My naked time is for your safety!  (as well as my alone time) I don’t know…there’s just something about sans clothing!  Perhaps it’s because I reside closer to the equator.  I mean, I don’t do the nekked thing socially, it’s just for myself!  (ok and my guy) But really…it’s to also check in with myself.  What’s morphed? What new muscles have developed?  Why does gravity exist again? Where did those muscles go that were there 6 months ago, type of thing.  I think, it’s a good thing to care about ones self, see.  (I know I certainly admire a nice physique male or female at the gym, at a Bdsm event, at a burlesque show or at a local coffee shop) I’m not blind, so far, and it’s human nature to notice really nice looking beings.  Bit squirmy if they notice you back, but still…I figure I’m alive, I might as well act it.  So embrace your inner nudist, I say!   You may feel sexier for it! (even if you don’t look in a mirror often, as I don’t!)


[rez-uh-rek-shuh n]

1) the act of rising from the dead.
2) a rising again, as from decay, disuse, etc.; revival.

Over and over again.
Oh, hello, again!  Miss me?  I’ve not forgotten about this space.  I’ve just not felt much like writing, if anything, have I had very little time!  The last year, my life has blasted at warp speed!  Something happens when you focus on intention and meditate and grow.  Grow as a person. I now have a fitness business, oh and that thriving international kink business, I manage!  KNOTKNORMAL.COM (go on, Get ya some quality jute, rope!) I’ve also taught so very many classes regarding  Bdsm (101, kink 2.0, connectivity in rope) and SEXERCISE!   I find I’m most comfortable teaching.

Sharing, my thoughts is not easy.  It tends to bear ones soul.  I am the most introverted, mild-spazztic-energetic extrovert you may mistakenly meet!

So…writing, blogging and such…I’ve seen so many really just gushing.  I rather admire how you do  (go Y O U,  gushers!)  Yet our society today, is a bit harsh!  (you all know what I mean).  I unplug these days.  Switch off, so I can really turn ON.  Yet…this is a side of myself I need to figure out again, connect with.  A few years ago I preferred this method of communication.   Just now, I feel as if I have two thumbs on one hand and a hook in the other.

I’ve offed Kevin, the long distance Master.  Whoops.  See, I started to value myself and value the ones who truly seemed to take and make time for me.  Actions, they say, never fail when words may be all you read or hear.  So I’ve come to admire those who follow through with what they say they will do.  Who not…just care, but show it.  Day in and day out without fail!  Those people blow my mind in ways I’ve not allowed myself to realize.

I love this lesson.  It’s one of the tougher ones because it’s one we really don’t get to really see until our eyes are truly opened.  Connecting with ourselves aids in this.  Is it human nature to take things for granted?  Absolutely.  Yet it is our efforts, those around us who care for us and our own personal knowledge of our hearts that allow us to come back to ourselves.  Also loss…the loss of a loved one tends to trigger things.

So the question I pondered and realized, is that… If we were ALL blind, how beautiful would a person, really be?  On the inside?  Ergo ego.  If all that is stripped away, what would you be left with?

I smile now.  Because I see.  Because I am grateful.  Because I cannot wait for what the future brings in my path.  I’ve never felt so filled up on the inside, in my life.  I thought I was before…but that is nothing compared to when you let it all go.  What flows in, is magic!