BACK to school!

(and STAY THERE If ye know what’s good for ye!)  So…I registered my teen for her final year in high school.  Naturally, we get there and the fire alarm was prank pulled so people were evacuating…nice one)

Ok and we were arriving there from that driver services DMV place.  We’re going to just continue driving, on a permit basis with a parent, for now. Her turning into oncoming traffic on a divided highway with me not only gave me more white hairs, but had me thinking she needs to hit the books.  At least I leaned over and saved us…(see she hasn’t been putting in the effort but that comes with small amounts of it every day, which she’s now learned…YAY!)

I’m in line, hanging out, people watching …  Goodness 18 years takes it’s toll on parents!  I’m actually a bit stunned at that.  I think many were just zapped by the suns rays or sucked into a vortex-becoming a part of an experiment that went overly wrong, or visited by other beings entirely.  I WAS excited at least two parents were new moms again (isn’t fortysomething magical!??).   These are my generation!  SURVIVORS!  Of what, we may never know…However I’m among them and I’m proud to still have most of my teeth!

So today I’m grateful.  Humbled parental moment while driving (listening to Green Day’s “I hope you have the time of your life”) and realizing, for my teen, that the very thrilling years of her life are about to begin.  Something, begins-which would be her… as something ends-which would be me.  Mind you I’m not being morose, just hyper aware.  (Does yoga/fitness do that??)  So in a few days my teen embarks on her first solo flight (with those stopover and change plane things).  I think the luggage piece alone, that I gave her made her completely horrified.  (HEY, it’s badass black with compartments!) She realized I was serious…
Firey me- “you need to pack LIGHT sweetie!”
Just as firey, teen-“But, I have shoes I was going to bring and outfits!”
Firey me-  “yes…well mix and match,” I say.

She realized I wasn’t kidding when I walked away.  (giving time for this to absorb and by the end of that night she was fully packed in said small suitcase) Naturally, she doesn’t leave for 3 more days…haha.

So…while many of you are bemoaning the frustrations of “back to school” from shopping to traffic, remember parents…this…is the good stuff.  You’ll miss it when it’s gone one day.



From the outside looking in…

I don’t see many people like me out there…s i g h, IF I do we hit if off into friendship quickly dickly like.  (which is fine I’ll just keep on keepin’ on until then, I’ll keep looking!)