Hello and Welcome to my Blog, I’m Firey!  I’ve been into BDSM for about two decades now mainly as Mistress and well, 3 years ago I made a switch.  I’m in a relationship now with two men.  My life partner turned roper rigger, XX and with my former Master K.  Owned, collared and …I found  I’m a better person, in this role as a submissive – which I find completely challenging and fascinating and…more.

As of December 25, 2013 I’m engaged to be married to my evolving life-partner turned shibari rigger turned Dominant!

Otherwise I’m your average petite redhead…full of hellfire and damnation. I do very much live out loud and I’m real and hardcore. I may be technologically impaired. I’m constantly curious and ever hopeful about life and learning. I’m heteroflexible.  I grew up in Chicago and I’m now a Transplant someplace in the deep South, for now until I can better explore the rest of the world.

Hobbies: The horizontal mambo, Pilates, Dancing, Jogging, Mountain Biking, Dancing!!! Swimming, Healthful living, Gardening, Hiking, yoga, Dancing & Gourmet Cooking, Pilates, DANCING!!! working out stuff…exploring life & misbehaving badly oh and dancing.

I adore music. All sorts “Tournez la musique putain!”


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